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Part 8 - Phantom 3 - Motor 2312 CW (PRO/ADV)

New Features:
1. The double layer, single wire stator technology increases slot wire embedding degree and improves heat dissipation. Also, the single wire stator design improves motor efficiency and its ability to withstand a larger current, ensuring consistency in the motor’s performance. 
2. The new bearings, with a higher durability and ability to withstand greater impacts, are used to avoid damage in the event of an accident, greatly reducing maintenance costs. 
3. New insulation coating powder is used to improve the stator voltage capacity, ensuring the working life and stability of the motor.
4. The electromagnetic design and lightweight structure, customized for the DJI Phantom, has increased maximum output power by nearly 25% without adding extra weight.
5. The new propeller adopts a 4.5 inch pitch, which when used with the 2312 motor can provide an extra 200g/axis of output thrust, giving you both power and flexibility. Furthermore, your Phantom’s flight time is not reduced, because of the increased aerodynamic performance and motor efficiency.


2212 & 9443

2312 & 9450

Recommended Take-off Weight



Maximum Tension



Working Temperature

-5 °C ~ 40 °C

-5 °C ~ 40 °C

Stator Size

22×12 mm

23×12 mm


920 rpm/V

960 rpm/V

Motor Weight

52 g

55 g


24×11 cm 9.4×4.3 inch

24×11 cm 9.4×4.5 inch