Ontvanger Technisat UHD / 4K combo twin 2x DVBS2, DVBC, DVBT2

ISIO internet technology

Fitted with comprehensive IP functionalities, this unit permits access to interactive services, media libraries, free browsing on the Internet, calling-up "Video-on-demand" services and use of HbbTV applications. (HbbTV is a technology that allows access to channel-related Internet content while watching TV.)


Interactive additional services and additional information about the current channel via internet

watchmi thematic channels

watchmi topic channels allow you to watch internet based video data from different categories as education, technology, sports, cars, lifestyle or travelling, around the clock. Just as a usual TV channel, topic channels will automatically appear in the channel list. Thus the internet and television finally melt to a new interactive medium.

"SiehFern INFO Plus" (SFI+)

This extended electronic programme information service (ePID) allows TechniSat to offer a free current and comprehensive overview of a large number of channels. The programme preview extends up to seven days and has been extended to include a search function, a sorting function for genres and (with satellite reception) picture material on selected programmes. The timers can be activated quickly and easily via SiehFern INFO Plus.

DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial)

Reception of all free digital TVchannels via antenna (DVB-T)

MyTechniSat App

It has never been easier to use your receiver for TV, remote programming or multimedia. With the MyTechniSat smartphone app, compatible devices can be controlled directly via a smartphone touchscreen; programme data and timers on the device can be viewed remotely via the internet and managed via a convenient touchscreen interface. MyTechniSat also offers you smart multimedia functions.

1 x Common Interface (CI+)

This TV has a Common Interface (CI+). This is a (common) interface used in combination with a CI+ module and corresponding SmartCard to enable access to encrypted programming such as Pay TV or Pay Radio.


The free TechniSat channel list manager does away with tedious manual channel scanning. When channels change frequency or switch on/off, this service provides an automatic way of updating the list of channels available. This process runs if you have agreed to updating. Customised lists are retained and amended where necessary.

TV and Radio

Reception of all free digital TV and radio channels via cable TV

After connecting up a C1+ module suitable for

KabelDeutschland   v
Unitymedia   v
Kabel BW   v
HD+   v
Sky   v
BasisHD via Kabelkiosk   v

Audio coding

Audio compression MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Layer I & II, MP3
Sample frequencies 32 kHz, 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz
Audio mode Dual (main/sub), Stereo

Card reader

SD card 1


F socket 2
USB 3.0 2
Digital electric audio output 1
Audio out analogue 1
IEC-Connector 1
1 Gigabit Ethernet port (1000 Mbit/s) 1
Common Interface Plus (CI+) 1
HDMI (out) 1
Smartcard reader 1
Digital optical audio out 1

Decryption system

Nagravision  v 
Conax  v 
CI+  v 


Humidity 10 ... 75 %
Ambient temperature 5 ... 35 °C

General characteristics

Frontdisplay Fluorescence
Hard drive extern GB

Hotel mode

Protected access to hotel mode   v
Customisable start screen   v
Selectable start channel   v
Integrated LED clock   v
Lockable volume   v
Selectable start source   v
Menu locking   v
Control panel lock   v


LNB modulation 22 kHz
DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 / Sat-CR

Other features

Teletext subtitles   
Regional channel selection   
Favourites programme manager 9999
Sleep timer   
Pages memory 1000
Total programme memory 9999

Picture functions

Freeze frame
Zoom  v 
Picture in Picture (PIP)   v

Power consumption

Operational maximum 23.2 W
Standby LED 0.45 W
In operation 13.5 W
Standby clock 1.05 W

Power supply

Frequency 50 Hz
LNB power supply 400 mA
Horizontal power supply 18 V
Mains adapter internal
Nominal voltage 230 V
Vertical power supply 14 V

Ready for reception

HD+  v 


Input impedance 75 Ω
Tuner type 3xTwin-Tuner
Reception range 2 470 ... 862 MHz
Reception range 1 174 ... 230 MHz
Transmission mode 2k/8k
Voltage supply 5 V
Reception range 50 ... 858 MHz
Demodulation 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256
FEC Reed-Solomon (204, 188)
Bitrate 4.98 ... 31.67
Reception range 950 ... 2150 MHz
DVB-T Tuner 2
Reception on UHD ( H.265/HEVC), HDTV (MPEG-4), SD (MPEG-2)
DVB-S tuner 2
DVB-C Tuner 2
Viterbi rates 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Symbol rate 1.5 ... 7.2 Mbaud
DVB-S2 10 ... 31 Mbaud
Demultiplexing gemäß ISO 13818-1
FEC Viterbi and Reed-Solomon
Demodulation COFDM
DVB-S 2 ... 45 Mbaud

Tuner (DVB-T2)

Tuner DVB-T2 DVB-T2/HEVC (H265)