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DJI - Downlink - Clover leaf antenna of 5.8 Video downlink

DJI AVL58 clover leaf antenna is one of the most advanced antenna structure, different from the traditional flat panel antennas and omni-directional antenna, clover leaf antenna integrated the advantages of both, not only high sensitivity and point to weak, its performance is equivalent to an "omni-directional panel antenna volume is exceptionally compact, light in weight, the absolute advantage of the antenna to improve the Illustrated signal stability, improve the transmission distance.

The DJI AVL58 5.8GHz clover leaf antenna is the DJI original DJI AVL58 5.8G VideoLink antenna, but it can also be used for other 5.8G PNPsystems. TX and RX antenna interface are threaded bore within the SMA specifications,  before buying for other 5.8G PNP system , please make sure your PNP system can connect to this antenna, if not , need to get connector to make it towork together with your PNP system.

RX antenna Weight: 15g

TX antenna Weight: 14g